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This image was taken on the western slope of the Aladağlar Mountain Range in Aladağlar National Park, situated in the Niğde Province of Turkey.  After spending a night on top of one of the smooth slopes leading up to the ridgline, I awoke to a beautiful cloud inversion as the sun was rising on the other side of the ridge.  I loved the way the mountain slope peaked out from the cloud blanket underneath, coupled with the pre-sunrise sky with it's cascading colors.


Notes about the print:

0.58mm thick, 100% Cotton
Heavy weight with a soft, matte watercolor texture. It is the most sensitive of all the Fine Art papers and will be less resistant to scratches or scuffs so make sure to handle it with care.  Keep in mind that the exact color may differ slightly in print from what you see on your screen.

Mountain in the Clouds